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Roof Repair Specialists

March 14 2019

A Time for Roofing Repair

Fall is a blast of year. For roofers, the weather is cooler, which is a great relief from the hot summer season and aware the rooftops there is an incredible view of the leaves in changing colors!  Roofing company crews can work extensive hours and get projects completed quickly without the risk for heat exhaustion. However, it's not cold enough to hinder any manufacturer's recommended best installation practices, so we don't have to worry about roofing material problems thanks to low temperatures. If you're considering or have been in the market for roof repair for your home or office, fall is a the best time of year to get it done. And you do it around the same time as you get the window cleaning service done for the winter not fall.

The Time is Right, So Do it Now!

There are all kinds of asphalt shingles have a strip of factory-applied adhesive on the bottom of the shingle. When new asphalt shingles are installed, the adhesive is slowly warmed by the sun's rays, causing each shingle to seal to the next course. This seal strip also creates much of a shingle's resistance to wind uplift. This means that shingles need to get applied when the weather is still warm enough for the seals becoming activated. Replacing a roof in the fall gives shingles plenty of time to bond prior to the first snowfall.

A Roof Needs Replacement

If your roof needs repairs, don't delay another winter. Even problems such as a minor leak can worsen significantly over the course of the harsh cold weather, causing a more serious threat to the interior and more expensive repairs. A serious ice storm or snowfall can bring everything to a head when it's most difficult to make roof repairs.

Your Home Roof Repair Specialists

If you're unsure if your roof repair can make it through the coming winter, consider having a professional indianapolis home inspection. You'll receive an expert evaluation of your roof's condition and recommendations to keep it in the most suitable shape possible.

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